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Belgian Bluestone breathes authenticity in a Düsseldorf home

22 December 2020
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‘No bright colours or design experiments.’ ‘It should be spacious with a timeless vibe.’ ‘A stylish yet authentic atmosphere for our family to live in’ ... When Adrian Pientka (PNTK GmbH) was asked to thoroughly renovate a single-family home in Düsseldorf, Germany, he quickly knew that it was to become one of his favorite projects yet. An authentic design, after all, calls for a harmonious combination of natural materials.

Adrian Pientka

The project in a nutshell

Single-family home in Düsseldorf, Germany

Thorough renovation with an authentic design

Architect Adrian Pientka (PNTK GmbH)

Combination of natural wood and blue limestone from Hainaut


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