Cleaning of bluestone outdoors

Easily enough! Weather will do most of the work for you

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Enjoy your garden and terrace to the full. Kids can have a field day, friends can spill their drinks, the grill can splash around. Don't be afraid. The bluestone has seen it all before. Weather takes care of everything! A careful wipedown with clear water from time to time will leave the stone looking bright. Give it a good cleaning session once a year, at springtime.

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Our advices

The main tips for keeping the stone blazing


Let the stone dry out for 2 to 3 months after it has been laid.

Give the stone a yearly clean during spring with water, bleach and a brush.

Use pH neutral products.

Carefully follow the product manufacturer’s instructions and dosage advice for natural stone. First do a test on a hidden part of the stone.


Use acidic, chemical or anti-scale products.

What to do in case of tougher stains on bluestone?

Grease stains

Mineral grease stains

Rust stains from products using iron sulphate, such as herbicides

Paint or varnish


Wine, ink or soda stains